Custom Bears in Rugeley, Staffordshire

Whether you are looking to hold on to memories of a special person or would like a keepsake to remember a pleasurable time of your life, my customized animals and bears are perfect for you. I’m Pat Jones, founder of Cherish Memory Bears, a non-profit company in Rugeley, Staffordshire. I create unique and personalized keepsakes that are made and designed to the exact specification of each customer.

Putting Your Bear Together

The majority of my customers will send their own materials or items of clothing in, and request them to be used in the creation of their animal. Providing that they are not really dirty, I do not require the clothes to be washed, as they may still hold the scent of your loved one. Although I am not limited to the type of material, I do not recommend sending Lycra™ or loose-knitted clothing. Most fabrics will be lined to prevent the bear stretching, and to protect your treasured fabric, before the fire-retardant filling is added. I always aim to be as safety as conscious as possible, with the safety eyes being contained inside to prevent children from biting them off.

Cherishing Special Times

Cherish Memory Bears are not solely used to comfort those grieving; they are also perfect to remember a special occasion or act as a keepsake for a momentous time of your life. In the past I have created bears for a variety of occasions, using many types of materials. For example, one customer asked for her daughters dance jumper to be turned into a bear for her to take away to university, while many women ask for their wedding dress materials to be used. Some clients have children that are leaving school and would like their uniform made into a keepsake, while I have had similar requests from university graduates.

I would like to point out that my creations are keepsakes only and not intended for children without supervision as they are NOT toys.

Personal Features

Regardless of your requirements, I am able to add any significant feature to your keepsake. I always like to ask the customer what colour eyes they would like, as this usually relates to the person the bear is representing, and ensures that it is entirely personal. I am also able to offer you customised clothing and accessories for your keepsakes, however this will come at an additional cost and may take me longer to complete your order.

A True Menagerie

Although bears are the most popular stuffed animals that I make, I am also able to create a variety of others. Following the same process, I will also make dogs, cats, giraffes, pigs, and kangaroos. Each of the animals will still be accompanied by a personal certificate of authenticity. I am pleased to announce that I now make personalised Birth Weighted Keepsakes. The cost of these are dependent on the weight required and which item you choose.

Contact me now, in Rugeley, Staffordshire, to find out more about my customised bears and animals.